Document Storage NJ


Document Storage NJ: We Pack It

Document storage NJ options that fit your needs – We can store your records packed in your containers or ours. Our easy-to-assemble cartons store letter-sized files from front to back or legal-sized files from side to side. We offer various sized boxes and tubes to fit your needs. Our quality boxes from our document storage NJ facility are guaranteed to last! Call and ask our professional sales specialist to assist in choosing the right storage carton for you.

Document Storage NJ: We Stack It

Built to last – Each box is stacked no more than 3 high to maintain the integrity of the box in our document storage NJ facility. Our quality boxes are guaranteed to last!

Document Storage NJ: We Track It

Bar code tracking ease – Find them fast! With document storage NJ bar code system, records move in and out with organizational ease. If you need it, we can find it – Fast.

Box Storage at Document Storage NJ

Records may be stored in any type of records storage box at our document storage NJ facility. The most common storage box is the letter/legal box. Although this box is always highly recommended, we will accept other boxes. Storage fees for boxes are based on cubic feet.

When a pick-up is made, our document storage NJ staff will perform a physical inspection of the boxes. This inspection will include the number of boxes being picked up and the condition of the boxes for storage. Any boxes that are not in storage condition (i.e., missing lids, torn, worn, contents sticking out, etc.) will be discussed with you. We will provide re-packing services and the sale of storage boxes if requested by you (see "repackaging services" below).

Repackaging Services at Document Storage NJ

If some of your boxes are damaged, destroyed, or missing lids, we will repackage them
for you. The fee charged for our document storage NJ repackaging service includes the box purchase, labor and listing the description of the box contents on the box. If you choose to repack the boxes yourself, we can provide the new boxes for a small fee each.