Materials Sold


Archival Boxes (in these 2 sizes) from our Record Storage NJ Facility:

How do you store your most valuable records? In boxes made of acid-free, lignin-free paper? Are they buffered? Are the design and material extra strong? Do you have our phone number? Because if your valuable records boxes don't measure up to these specs, we suggest you call our record storage NJ facility today and ask for the Archival Box.

No. 1110 Letter/Legal Size
12W x 15L x 10H

No. 1112 Legal Size
15¼W x 10¼H x 5D

  • Gentle: Acid-free, lignin-free, alkaline-buffered boxes keep files as good as new.
  • Tough: Double and triple-walled designs provide for extra strength corrugated paper.
  • Convenient: Velcro® closure for easy access.
  • Versatile: removable center divider converts full-size boxes to half-size on certain models.