Below are some answers to questions asked to our document storage NJ staff


How safe are my records at your document storage NJ facility?

Only authorized personnel will ever have access to your files at our document storage NJ facility. All of our storage facilities are protected from fire, flood, theft and pests to the highest standards with up-to-date technology. All of our employees are highly trained to handle your records in a professional manner. Ongoing training and employee incentives ensure that our entire team is committed to providing excellent service to our customers and raise the standards for the document storage industry.

Do I need to use your document storage NJ containers?

We will accept your containers for storageat our document storage NJ facility. However, if the container has holes, no cover, or shows any immediate sign of collapsing, we will require that you repackage the item using either your own container or one of ours. If requested, we will repackage your items.

How much is it to store my boxes at your document storage NJ facility?

You may call our sales hotline at 201-716-7900 or E-mail our sales department at info@archivedocumentstorage.com to request a price for services. You can also fill out the form on our request information page.

Can I request document storage NJ services any time of day?

WE NEVER CLOSE. Call us anytime 24/7. If you need it now, request our priority service. Our standard hours of operation are 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Service rates change after our standard hours of operation.

Contact our friendly staff with any additional questions or more on how to get started!

How do I prepare new boxes for document storage NJ?

Package all records homogeneously in durable boxes prior to storing at our document storage NJ facility. That is, all records should be related. It is best to avoid mixing different record names in the same carton due to the different retention periods of documents. This method will prove time saving and cost effective when it is time to destroy certain records by eliminating the need to separate documents and move them from one box to another. Check the box for holes, tears or weak spots prior to placing the documents inside.

Once the boxes are ready, contact our document storage NJ office to schedule a pick-up. Upon arrival, we will count the boxes and perform a physical inspection and discuss any issues or special instructions with you before leaving your facility. We will place a bar code label on the
boxes being picked up and return them to our facility. Your boxes are tracked from the moment of pick up.

Upon receipt of the boxes at our document storage NJ facility, we will enter the description listed on the box into our computer system. The box will then be relocated to our shelving system. Note: Box descriptions are extremely important –we enter into our system what you have
written on your box or your box transmittal form. Please make sure the descriptions are legible. Try to follow a format when listing box descriptions (i.e., year, department, type, etc.). Sorting is much easier when a standard format is used.

Note: If requested, we can send the bar-code labels and box transmittal forms beforehand for you to complete. Please use the following steps when filling out forms and placing barcode labels:

  1. Place labels in full view on the “short” side of the box. Labels should not be placed where they may cover the description of the contents or where the box lid when closed may cover it. If a label tears, write the last 6 digits of the barcode number directly on the box (outside of the description area) and we will reprint the label back at our facility.
  2. Fill out the box transmittal form by writing the last 6 digits of the barcode followed by the box description, retention period and any other information as needed. Continue one below the other until all barcodes have been accounted for. You do not need to go in any particular order. As a precautionary measure, please check to ensure that the box descriptions match with their respective barcodes.
  3. Make a copy of the final transmittal form and give it to our driver. Keep the original for your records.

Once all boxes have been entered, we will send you a report of boxes stored and their descriptions. If there are any discrepancies, we will let you know. Contact a member of our staff to discuss in more detail the barcode labels and the box transmittal forms that we

How do I read my monthly billing from your document storage NJ facility?

We charge document storage NJ fees in advance at the beginning of each month. Boxes that come in for the first time between the 1st and 15 th of the month are charged for the entire month. Boxes that come into storage after the 15th are charged 1⁄2 the month.

A retrieval is when a box or file folder is pulled at your request from its physical location on our shelf. Each time a box or file is pulled, you will be charged a retrieval fee. When the item is returned, are turn to shelf fee is also charged. All retrieval and return services are charged in arrears.

Misc. Charges
Any misc. services performed are also billed in arrears. Some misc. charges may be: reserving conferencerooms, box purchases, shipping, warehouse labor, destruction services, etc.

Note: If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact us immediately and we will take care of the situation promptly. Our invoice terms are net 15.